Raiding Zone

Raiding.Zone is a pve arena game in Voxel style inspired by World of Warcraft and Warframe.

The gameplay is oriented around the roles Tank, Healer and Damage-Dealer.

Dynamic Skill System Raiding.Zone doesn’t have “classes”. Instead, your equipment determines your abilities and your role in the raid. The weapon gives your main spells and sets your role. Your armor and trinket will grant you a defensive and utility spell each.

Talents While using your weapon, you gain experience. This experience unlocks different talents on each weapon. You can choose one talent for each level.

Essences You can further customize your items by mounting essences. Essences grant raw stats to your item. It will also unlock certain augments on the right essence combination.

Bot Control You won’t need 15 players to form a complete raid. Most raids are completable alone.

You add multiple raiders to your raid. You will control one of them at a time.

The server takes care of the bots you aren’t controlling right now. To influence their behavior, you can use commands and attack modes.

The Idea of Casual Raiding #

I am a huge fan of MMORPGs. I particularly enjoy the raiding experience. I like to play in coordination with other people to defeat a boss. In recent years, I developed an aversion to the current direction of popular MMOs.

I don’t want to grind for hours to have one hour of raiding time. That feeling sparked the idea to develop an MMORPG that focuses on raiding. Since October 2021, I worked on Raiding.Zone in my free time. I am a professional developer since 2016. This is my first experience with game development. I enjoy the learning process.

Roadmap I will use Steam Early Access to implement changes that need community feedback. For next year, I plan to add new content, community, and competitive features. After that, I have some roughly lined-up ideas. But if they don’t resonate with the community, I might change or abandon these ideas.

You can support Raiding.Zone #

I am in urgent need of testers. I want to remove as many bugs as possible till the release. If you are interested, you can visit my Discord. Every tester will get a special avatar for their efforts.

Raiding.Zone is present on Reddit, Itch.IO, GameDev, IndieDB, and YouTube. If you want to support this project, you can follow me there. I am also eager to help any creator that wants to make content about Raiding.Zone. I can provide invites, marketing material, and technical insights.