Roles #

Your role dictates your behaviour and tasks in combat.

There are three different roles in Raiding.Zone.

Tank #

Tank is the most important and hardest role to play. Your task is to control the boss. By having the most threat on your enemy, you become its target. Every action in the game will generate threat. Tanks generate three times the threat than every other role. To make the enemy attack you, you can also Taunt it.

Taunt #

Makes the boss attack you

Healer #

The healer is responsible for keeping the raid alive and sound. They have a variety of healing spells to support this task. Their special Spell is Cleanse, that can remove harmful effects from a friendly target.

Cleanse #

Removes a debuff from a friendly target

Damage Dealer #

Te damage dealer is assigned to wreak havoc and kill enemies. They come in a lot of different shapes and flavors. Their role spell is Interrupt which can stop the current cast of an enemy target.

Interrupt #

Interrupts the casting spell of the target(if interruptible)